1. Brown BL

    Brown BL

    Single component dye that produces a dark bronze shade.

    5 lb bag

  2. Brown GL

    Brown GL

    Single component dye that produces a yellowish brown shade.

    5 lb bag

  3. Brown LG

    Brown LG

    Single component dye that produces a reddish brown shade.

    5 lb bag

  4. Techevon Anodizing Additive MAA

    Techevon Anodizing Additive MAA

    Additive that broadens the parameters of operations for anodizing. Designed for high temperature hard anodizing.

    575 lb.

  5. Techevon Black 2LW

    Techevon Black 2LW

    Single component to produces a bluish black shade and is an alternative to the Black 2LW.

    5 lb bag

  6. Techevon Black HCB

    Techevon Black HCB

    Single component high purity black dye that produces a greenish blue black shade. It is a direct replacement for the Black HBL.

    5 lb bag

  7. Techevon Black HP-1

    Techevon Black HP-1

    Single component highly pure black dye that produces a deep black shade on thin coatings. Good alternative to the Black H3LW.

    5 lb bag

  8. Techevon Black TBK

    Techevon Black TBK

    A stable mixture for long life lower cost black.

    5 lb bag

  9. Techevon Black TLW

    Techevon Black TLW

    Multi component mixture that produces a deep bluish black shade. This product is an economical alternative to Black MLW.

    5 lb bag

  10. Techevon Black V

    Techevon Black V

    A single component dye to produce an economical reddish black shade.

    5 lb bag

  11. Techevon Blue 4A

    Techevon Blue 4A

    Single component dye to produces a navy blue shade.

    5 lb bag

  12. Techevon Blue DB

    Techevon Blue DB

    Dark Blue Color for anodized Aluminum

    5 lb bag

  13. Techevon Bordeaux R

    Techevon Bordeaux R

    Single component economical red dye.

    5 lb bag

  14. Techevon Bordeaux RL

    Techevon Bordeaux RL

    Multi component bluish red shade.

    5 lb bag

  15. Techevon Cleaner DC

    Techevon Cleaner DC

    Non- Etch heavy duty dispersion cleaner for oils as well as buffing compounds that can be used to split the oil for extended life.

    450 lbs

  16. Techevon Cleaner EC

    Techevon Cleaner EC

    Non-Etch heavy duty cleaner with buffered alkalinity particularly suited for buffing compounds.

    450 lb.

  17. Techevon Color Stabilizing  Process

    Techevon Color Stabilizing Process

    Two stage sealing method that significantly minimizes or eliminates color shifting of colors during the sealing process. Process involves the use of Techevon Dye Additive NB in stage 1 followed by Techevon Color Sealing stage 2.

    500 lb.

  18. Techevon Copper BF

    Techevon Copper BF

    Single component dye that produces a shade similar to copper.

    5 lb bag

  19. Techevon Deox. Additive

    Techevon Deox. Additive

    Highly concentrated additive used with sulfuric acid or nitric acid to provide an economical alternative to a fully blended product.


  20. Techevon Deox. Liq.

    Techevon Deox. Liq.

    Fully blended deoxidizer/desmut particularly good for job shop anodizers.

    500 lb.

  21. Techevon eco Black OA

    Techevon eco Black OA

    A single component light fast metal free black suitable for producing grey shades.


  22. Techevon eco Blue A

    Techevon eco Blue A

    Single component light fast bright blue dye that produces deep blue shades.

    5 lb bag

  23. Techevon eco Orange 2B

    Techevon eco Orange 2B

    Single component environmentally friendly orange that can be used to produce brass shades.

    5 lb bag

  24. Techevon eco Orange RLW

    Techevon eco Orange RLW

    Single component reddish orange shade.

    5 lb bag

  25. Techevon eco Red P

    Techevon eco Red P

    Single component chrome free bright pink.

    5 lb bag

  26. Techevon eco Violet 3D

    Techevon eco Violet 3D

    Single component environmentally friendly reddish blue violet.

    5 lb bag

  27. Techevon eco Yellow D

    Techevon eco Yellow D

    Single component metal free bright yellow for shading. Used in Green AEN.

    5 lb bag

  28. Techevon Egg Plant

    Techevon Egg Plant

    Single component environmentally friendly purple.

    5 lb bag

  29. Techevon Electrocolor HT liquid

    Techevon Electrocolor HT liquid

    Fully blended tin electrolytic coloring product that has good throwing power and color uniformity.

    500 lb /Totes

  30. Techevon Electrocolor HT stabilizer

    Techevon Electrocolor HT stabilizer

    Mixture of throwing power and color enhancers, along with proven stabilizers for improved stability of tin electrocolor baths.

    40 lb. 500 lb.

  31. Techevon Electrocolor HTM liquid

    Techevon Electrocolor HTM liquid

    Fully blended tin electrolytic coloring product that has very good throwing power increased speed and color uniformity.

    500 lb /Totes

  32. Techevon Etch Additive LG

    Techevon Etch Additive LG

    A long life etch additive for reduced spangling & very low gloss.

    500 lb/tote

  33. Techevon Etch Additive ND

    Techevon Etch Additive ND

    High sequestering additive for caustic etch tanks to eliminate sludging in etch tanks.

    600 lb

  34. Techevon Fast Black HP-5

    Techevon Fast Black HP-5

    Single component high purity dye that produces a deep greenish black shade on anodic coatings. It is the most light & heat fastness organic dye available. Excellent results with cold sealing for reduced bleeding.

    5 lb bag

  35. Techevon Gold S

    Techevon Gold S

    Single component dye that produces a shade similar to gold.

    5 lb bag

  36. Techevon Green AEN

    Techevon Green AEN

    Mixture of a bright blue and bright yellow dye to produce a bright green.

    5 lb bag

  37. Techevon Green C

    Techevon Green C

    Single component chrome free green with a muted green shade.

    5 lb bag

  38. Techevon Grey BL

    Techevon Grey BL

    Single component blue grey that is a direct replacement for the Grey BL.

    5 lb bag

  39. Techevon Grey GG

    Techevon Grey GG

    Single component grey with a slightly green hue. Often shaded with Black 2LW & Black V.

    5 lb bag

  40. Techevon Grey RLW

    Techevon Grey RLW

    Single component very stable neutral grey.

    5 lb bag

  41. Techevon Grey TNL

    Techevon Grey TNL

    Single component stable grey alternative to Grey HLN.

    5 lb bag

  42. Techevon Olive Drab

    Techevon Olive Drab

    Industry leading single component olive drab dye for consistent coloring for defense applications.

    5 lb bag

  43. Techevon Orange GN

    Techevon Orange GN

    Single component orange used for cosmetic gold, providing stable consistent color.

    5 lb bag

  44. Techevon Platinum

    Techevon Platinum

    A stable mixture producing a platinum shade.

    5 lb bag

  45. Techevon Red ML

    Techevon Red ML

    Single component fire engine red shade.

    5 lb bag

  46. Techevon Red NG

    Techevon Red NG

    Single component chrome free red that produces a yellow red.

    5 lb bag

  47. Techevon Red OR

    Techevon Red OR

    Single component bright orange red shade.

    5 lb bag

  48. Techevon Seal EF

    Techevon Seal EF

    Non-Nickel mid temperature seal. Specially recommended for bright work.

    500 lb.

  49. Techevon Seal EFN

    Techevon Seal EFN

    Non-Nickel mid temperature seal, used in conjunction with Techevon Cold Seal LB to provide excellent resistance to high alkaline solutions for automotive applications.

    500 lb.

  50. Techevon Seal Extender

    Techevon Seal Extender

    Seal additive for mid temperature seals.

    40 lb.

  51. Techevon Seal HWA

    Techevon Seal HWA

    Residue free sealing additive used in hot DI sealing tanks to produce a smut free and stain free finish. Direct Replacement for SH-1.

    40 lb. 500 lb.

  52. Techevon Seal LB

    Techevon Seal LB

    Specially formulated powdered cold seal that reduces bleeding of organic dyes more than 50% as compared to other room temperature seals.

    40 lb.

  53. Techevon Seal MT-1

    Techevon Seal MT-1

    Highly concentrated liquid mid-temperature seal operating at 165 – 185 deg. F.

    500 lb.

  54. Techevon Seal PTFE

    Techevon Seal PTFE

    Provides a unique PTFE bonding to anodic coatings. Extremely low coefficient of friction and high resistance corrosive attack.

    40 lb.

  55. Techevon Turquoise PLW

    Techevon Turquoise PLW

    Single component dye for producing Turquoise shades.

    5 lb bag

  56. Techevon Violet CLW

    Techevon Violet CLW

    Single component environmentally friendly reddish violet.

    5 lb bag

  57. Techevon Violet MRB

    Techevon Violet MRB

    Single component bright blue violet.

    5 lb bag

  58. Techevon Yellow 4A

    Techevon Yellow 4A

    Single component lemon yellow shade.

    5 lb bag

  59. Techevon Yellow R

    Techevon Yellow R

    Single component neutral yellow shade.

    5 lb bag

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