Techevon LLC offers complete and thorough lab analysis for our customers. Samples are processed quickly and accurately with complete paperwork for accurate records.

Color Matching

We provide color-matching support using actual coupon dyeing guided by computer analysis. Coupons are prepared and returned to the customer. Single component dyes are used whenever possible to maximize color reproducibility

Process Evaluation

We have a complete pilot anodizing line for conventional and hard coating capabilities. Inorganic two-step coloring and organic dyeing is done with fresh anodized panels. This pilot anodizing line allows us to experiment with process and procedure to troubleshoot customer problems as well as fully evaluate new process ideas.

Dye Bath Analysis

Dye samples are compared against lab standards with actual coupon dyeing. A spectrophotometer curve is generated to evaluate bath performance. When required, the customer sample is then decanted with fresh dye added back. Another second set of coupons is produced with another spectro curve to evaluate the bath correction. Final recommendations are made with coupons and spectro curves returned to the customer.

Chemical Bath Analysis

Customer samples are received and evaluated for performance. Test panels are used to compare customer chemistry against fresh chemistry for correct function to standard.

Custom Services:

Any special requests for unusual lab work or extensive projects can be made to