Techevon Etchants

  1. Techevon Etch Additive LG

    Techevon Etch Additive LG

    A long life etch additive for reduced spangling & very low gloss.

    500 lb/tote

  2. Techevon Etch Additive ND

    Techevon Etch Additive ND

    High sequestering additive for caustic etch tanks to eliminate sludging in etch tanks.

    660 lb. / Tote

  3. Techevon Etch Liquid ND

    Techevon Etch Liquid ND

    Blended caustic etch which contains caustic soda, sequestering and grain refining agents to improve appearnace of the etch product and reduce sludging in the tank.

    700 lb. / Tote

  4. Techevon Etch Powder

    Techevon Etch Powder

    Complete caustic etch with the correct additive ratio for a low gloss etch chemistry with no tank sludge.

    500 lb/tote

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