Black Dyes

First signs of arthritis

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints, meaning that the joints get swollen, warm, and painful. Nearly 300,000 children in the United States have some sort of arthritis. Arthritis can be short-term - lasting for just a few weeks or months, then going away forever - or it can be chronic and last for months or years. In about half of cases, it can last a lifetime. The first signs of arthritis, which can be subtle or obvious, include limping or a sore wrist, finger, or knee. Joints may suddenly swell and remain enlarged. Stiffness in the neck, hips, or other joints also can occur.

  1. Techevon Black 2LW

    Techevon Black 2LW

    Single component to produces a bluish black shade and is an alternative to the Black 2LW.

    2 kg bag (4.4 lb)

  2. Techevon Black HCB

    Techevon Black HCB

    Single component high purity black dye that produces a greenish blue black shade. It is a direct replacement for the Black HBL.

    2 kg bag (4.4 lb)

  3. Techevon Black HP-1

    Techevon Black HP-1

    Single component highly pure black dye that produces a deep black shade on thin coatings. Good alternative to the Black H3LW.

    2 kg bag (4.4 lb)

  4. Techevon Black TBK

    Techevon Black TBK

    A stable mixture for long life lower cost black.

    2 kg bag (4.4 lb)

  5. Techevon Black TLW

    Techevon Black TLW

    Multi component mixture that produces a deep bluish black shade. This product is an economical alternative to Black MLW.

    2 kg bag (4.4 lb)

  6. Techevon Black V

    Techevon Black V

    A single component dye to produce an economical reddish black shade.

    2 kg bag (4.4 lb)

  7. Techevon Deep Black NDB

    Techevon Deep Black NDB

    The deepest neutral shade high performance black dye available. This dye shows no undertone in thinner oxides. Deep neutral black color on hardcoat and conventional films. Excellent light and heat fast properties.

    2 kg bag (4.4 lb)

  8. Techevon eco Black OA

    Techevon eco Black OA

    A single component light fast metal free black suitable for producing grey shades.

    2 kg bag (4.4 lb)

  9. Techevon Fast Black HP-5

    Techevon Fast Black HP-5

    Single component high purity dye that produces a deep greenish black shade on anodic coatings. It is the most light & heat fastness organic dye available. Excellent results with cold sealing for reduced bleeding.

    2 kg bag (4.4 lb)

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